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Mandarin For Adults

We have designed three different courses for adult learners depending on your current proficiency in Mandarin.

Practical Mandarin Conversation is a course designed for students starting from the basics, aiming to equip students with the ability to converse in everyday situations.

Comprehensive Mandarin is a course that focuses on improving students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, with special attention given to reading comprehension and writing. The difficulty of this course increases in levels and introduces students to the fundamentals of the Mandarin language, history and culture.

Comprehensive Business Mandarin is a course designed specially for students to learn Mandarin for professional use in the workplace. Starting from basics, this course will allow students to communicate proficiently on topics to do with business and finance, while also helping students gain an insight into China’s financial markets, economic policies and work culture.

Courses Available for Adults

Practical Mandarin Conversation

Designed for students with no prior background in Mandarin.

Comprehensive Mandarin Course

Designed for students with the preexisting ability to speak some basic Mandarin.

Comprehensive Business Mandarin

Designed for adults interested in learning Mandarin for use in the workplace, who are already capable of basic reading and writing.

Corporate Mandarin Training

Designed specially based on your organization’s specific requirements for your employees