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Course Introduction

Silk-Road Mandarin Language Centre

Silk-Road Mandarin Language Centre offers a variety of courses for all ages depending on their current proficiency of Mandarin.

Practical Mandarin Conversation For Children

Malaysian Chinese Curriculum: SJK(C)

IGCSE Mandarin

Mandarin For Adults

HSK Preparation Course

IGCSE & a-level (Mathematics, Economics, Physics)



马来西亚华文小学汉语课程: SJK(C)






HSK 汉语水平考试

根据学生不同水平,合理设置课程。 全面提高考试水准。

IGCSE & A-Level 数学、经济及物理

课程设计以GCSE & A- LEVEL 必修课程的内容为中心。 通过一对一授课、小班授课和考前密集培训的方式帮助学生加深理解和掌握所学内容。 由教学经验丰富的老师授课,帮助学生充分理解、掌握所学内容,熟练解题技巧,建立信心,为即将来临的考试做好准备。

Available Courses

Mandarin Programmes for Children and Teenagers (4-17 years old)

This course is designed to lay foundations for successful language learning for four year olds. Every activity in the Mandarin Play Club is specially designed to cultivate an interest in the Mandarin language, allowing children to comprehend and assimilate what they see, hear and experience more effectively.

Mandarin is introduced through storytelling, puppets, flash cards, games, multi-media, colouring, video, arts & crafts, language games and songs.
This course is designed to encourage children to develop their confidence and Mandarin communication skills in a fun learning environment. As they master the use of expressive vocabulary, pronunciation and tones, and increasingly complex sentence structures, they learn to appreciate the Mandarin language and enjoy using it in all areas of life. Mandarin is introduced through storytelling, oral language activities, picture comprehension, flash cards, videos, multi-media, songs, colouring, story CDs, basic pinyin, arts & crafts, radicals & strokes and basic word recognition.

For early childhood literacy, we believe that children should develop grammatical sense naturally as they are assimilated to the Mandarin language.

The reading and writing program is designed for children to start reading after they learn 40-50 basic Chinese characters, after which they will develop confidence and a sense of accomplishment. This will lead to them develop confidence and a sense of accomplishment, helping them develop an interest in reading, which will lay foundations for their life-long education.

Upon gradually learning Chinese characters, children will find it easy to start reading and schooling. Children will learn words to form sentences, write essays and engage in after-class exercises that promote critical thinking.

Children will also enjoy learning characters, phrases and sentences, word structures, radicals & strokes and pinyin in fun games, such as dominoes. Our beautiful picture storybooks are suitable for children’s imagination and way of thinking.

This programme is designed to help children establish a solid foundation in Mandarin. This programme enhances children’s ability to express themselves in Mandarin with confidence, and gives them the chance to explore the use of Mandarin beyond the school syllabus which are more meaningful and relevant to their daily lives.

We focus on writing, reading, speaking and listening. Chinese characters are taught according to the character formation system. Radicals, strokes and pinyin are introduced to students from the very beginning.

We believe that stories are the windows to knowledge, allowing children to learn about the world. We use the latest editions of popular pictorial storybooks from China in educating children. This will also make children develop an interest in reading.

We also let children listen to CDs to develop a better sense of the Mandarin language in terms of intonation, speaking ability and development.

Chinese idioms, or chengyu, are short sayings usually consisting of four characters, and are mostly derived from ancient literature. Chengyu are often closely linked with myths, stories or historical facts from which they were derived. Chinese stories tend to have significant and interesting meanings, so Chinese idioms will not only tell you the meaning of the phrases and stories behind them, but will also help you learn more about ancient Chinese culture. After learning Chinese idioms, you will be able to communicate better with Chinese friends and understand the implied meaning of what they’re saying, and be able to better comprehend reading materials in greater depth.
The Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK), translated as Chinese Proficiency Test, is an international standardised exam that tests and rates Chinese language proficiency of non-native Chinese Speakers’ abilities in using the Chinese Language in their daily, academic and professional lives. HSK results are internationally recognised as proof of Mandarin language proficiency. It is administered in Simplified Chinese, and it consists of six levels.
Cambridge IGCSE is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14 to 16-year-olds. It is recognised by leading universities and employers worldwide, and is an international passport to progression and success. Our preparation course focuses on the linked language skills of reading, writing and oral communication. Through their study of Cambridge IGCSE Mandarin, learners can achieve a level of practical communication ideal for everyday use, which can also form the basis for further, more in-depth language study.

Mandarin Programmes
for Adults

The Practical Mandarin Conversation programme primarily focuses on Proper speech and pronunciation, and teaches students to converse in Mandarin with proper grammar and sentence structures. Students will be able to communicate in Mandarin confidently and comfortably in real-life situations. Textbooks are used as a guide and teachers will often employ many other educational techniques to improve speaking and listening abilities, such as videos and audio CDs.

This course aims to introduce Chinese characters to students, allowing them to read and write in Mandarin with proper grammar and sentence structures. Students will progress from Book One up to Six to improve their reading and writing capabilities. Progressive learning storybooks from books one to six are provided to improve reading and writing skills. Reading skills are improved by reading the news in Chinese with different difficulty levels. Listening skills are improved by listening to Chinese recordings at different speeds.
Our Corporate Mandarin Training programme will be designed based on you and your organisation’s specific requirements for the employees. The course will be customised to your company’s need for employees to communicate in Mandarin in order to facilitate the company’s business. We can arrange for employee group Mandarin classes, either at our language centre or your company’s business location.
This course is designed for adults interested in learning Mandarin for use in the workplace, who are already capable of basic reading and writing. Separated into three levels of difficulty, this course will allow you to explore and communicate effectively in Mandarin from ground up, starting from simple conversations necessary for survival in China to sophisticated discussions on a range of topics including financial markets, economic policies and business-related matters.
Our Private Mandarin Course programme is designed specifically to meet the needs and goals of individuals. Private courses are especially good for those who wish to focus on specific aspects of the Mandarin language, such as reading, writing, Business mandarin or even exam-oriented preparation courses. Every lesson’s duration and timing is flexible.



  1. 分辨汉语和其他语言
  2. 体会不同语调
  3. 能看图说话。
  4. 认识简单汉字,阅读简单句子。
  5. 能说出自己的想法和感受。
  1. 掌握拼音,分辨不同声母,韵母,声调。
  2. 能听懂说话者看法,能抓住说话者的具体信息
  3. 能正确流利的朗读适合程度的文章。
  4. 能简要复述故事内容。
  1. 掌握一定数量汉字,部首,偏旁和拼音等。
  2. 能正确、流利地朗读程度适合的故事,文章。
  3. 正确的句子。
  4. 能和老师用汉语进行交流。
  1. 根据华小一到六年级课本的内容进行辅导。
  2. 逐课解答课文难点,加深理解课文内容。
  3. 全面提升华小学生华文的听书读写综合能力,特别是阅读的兴趣和写作能力。
  1. 根据学生个人语言水平设置课程。
  2. 增加学生的阅读量。
  3. 提升学生的阅读理解能力
  1. 根据学生不同水平,不同要求,合理设置课程。
  2. 全面提高汉语听说读写能力。
  3. 从初级到中高级,循序渐进提升中文水平。
  1. 专门为国际学校学生设置。
  2. 根据学生汉语水平,量身定制课程。
  3. 全面提升听说读写能力,考试顺利过关。


  1. 从零开始,迅速掌握汉语口语。
  2. 通过拼音学习,在最短时间掌握基本汉语交流技能。
  1. 循序渐进,提高汉语听说读写水平。
  2. 科学合理的课程设置,能让你在业余时间,提高中文水平。
  1. 针对公司企业专门设计的中文课程。
  2. 根据不同要求,不同领域,量身定做课程。


  1. 针对不同的个人要求,量身打造的专业课程。

In Addition To Improving Chinese Proficiency, We Build Interest Among Learners And Improve Their Understanding Of Chinese Culture:

Pinyin Express

  • Generally set for elementary Chinese learners
  • Assists students master Chinese efficiently
  • Lays the foundation for subsequent reading and literacy classes.

Chinese Idioms

  • Learning idioms and stories interestingly

The Evolution Of Chinese Characters:

  • Understanding the evolution of Chinese characters from ancient times to present, enabling students be more insightful with the meanings of Chinese characters, increasing the interest in learning Mandarin characters.

Chinese Historical Allusions

  • Understanding basic history and culture of Chinese via stories, idioms, and biography.

The Courses Are Conducted Online And Offline