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Practical Mandarin Conversation

This course is designed for students with no prior background in Mandarin. Practical conversational Mandarin is taught through the use of Pinyin rather than Mandarin characters to facilitate ease of understanding and basic pronunciation, with a heavy focus on the listening component. The course emphasizes on teaching students practical Mandarin applicable for day-to-day life, separated in four levels of 16 topics each of varying difficulty to cover about 2000 words and phrases. Our native Mandarin speaking teachers from China work to create an immersive and interactive environment in classes to allow students to experience and confidently grasp the pronunciation and tonal subtleties of standard Mandarin. Due to time restraints of each session, additional exercises and audio resources for practice after class will be provided to further supplement the course.

The content of this course varies depending on the level of difficulty, and includes topics such as but not limited to: introductions and greetings, ordering food in restaurants, booking flights and hotels, enquiring about prices, asking for directions, chatting about life, studies, work, friends, hobbies, sport, travel, future plans, entertainment, holidays, and so on.