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Our Team

Our Mandarin teachers are all native speakers from China with extensive teaching experience.

All our Mandarin teachers are from China. They continuously attend various training programmes, so as to solidly deliver their knowledge to students. The curriculum supervision system further ensures the standard of teaching at Silk-Road Mandarin Language Centre.

Ma Shengqing 

Born in China, Ma Shengqing holds an undergraduate degree in Chinese Language & Literature from the Normal University of Xinjiang, China. Having lived and worked in China, he moved to Malaysia in 2004 and worked as director of Silk-road Mandarin Language Centre since 2007, he is also the co-founder of company. He has more than 25 years of working experience in education field.


Born in China, Ms Lan Chunlian holds an undergraduate degree in communication from IIUM, she lived and worked in Beijing,Shanghai,Shenzhen,Xinjiang Urumqi China and Dubai UAE and moved to Malaysia in 2004, worked as director and Regional Manager of Silk-road Mandarin Language Centre since its establishment, she is also the co-founder of company. She has more than 20 years of teaching experiences.


Born in the UK, Paul Brown-Kenyon (Paul) holds an undergraduate degree in Engineering, Economics & Management from the University of Oxford and a post graduate degree (MBA) from Yale University. Having lived and worked in UK, US, Hong Kong and Singapore, Paul moved to Malaysia in 2003 working as the CEO of Malaysian based telecommunications and e-commerce companies. Paul was Teaching Assistant while studying at the Yale School of Management. He has also tutored in Maths, Physics and Economics. Paul offers tuition for IGCSE and A Level Maths, Physics and Economics.

Silk-Road Mandarin Language Centre Pays Close Attention To The Teaching And Learning Activities.

We believe that efficient learning outcomes are highly influenced by passionate teachers.

One-to-one personalized teaching, teaches students in accordance with their aptitude

Student-centered learning activities to let children speak up confidently
We care and encourage every progress of learners
Efficient Communication among learners and teachers
Monitoring On-going Progress
Our teachers possess high patience towards the growth of learners.