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Mandarin Play Club (4-6 years old)

Helping your children learn Mandarin, as naturally and easily as learning to speak.

This course is designed with the physical and mental characteristics of 4 – 6-year-old preschool children in mind; their naturally energetic and curious outlook and ease at which they absorb and learn new things at this age make it the perfect time to introduce a new language. With consistent effort in maintaining a suitable learning environment, children will gradually learn to be able to speak Mandarin as fluently as their mother tongue. This course uses a variety of fun and interactive activities such as Mandarin nursery rhymes, songs, videos, pictures, games, handicrafts, etc. to help cultivate children’s familiarity and sensitivity to Mandarin, establish Mandarin phonetic and semantic correspondence for children, and build a fun language environment similar to their mother tongue, so as to let children fall in love with the Mandarin language naturally.