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SJK(C) Mandarin Course(Standard 1-6)

Course Introduction

This course helps students currently studying in the SJK(C) Primary school curriculum establish a solid foundation in the Mandarin language to help students gain a better understanding of the existing school curriculum. By syncing the course to progress concurrently with the content currently covered in school, this course uses the newest and most up-to-date resources available to ensure students are able to fully master the school curriculum. Outside of the school curriculum, this course will also allow students to explore beyond the school syllabus by introducing them to a variety of media such as story books and videos. This will allow them to develop critical thinking skills and interest in reading and the Mandarin language as well as build up their confidence for public speaking.

Class Schedule

1 session per week
2 sessions per week
2 hours per session



Course Content

This course will help students to build a solid foundation in the Mandarin language by teaching them basic grammar, vocabulary and the evolution of Mandarin characters:
This course will give students the ability to write simple essays on given topics in a variety of formats, including but not limited to: